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XPS Viewing Software

Brava! Reader is a free application that views and prints TIFF, PDF, XPS and secure CSF (Content Sealed Format) files. Brava Reader is simple to use and runs as a desktop program or as an ActiveX component in a web page.

Microsoft's XPS Viewer allows you to view XPS documents in itself and also in Internet Explorer.

Get things done quicker and more efficient. Set NiXPS View as your default XPS viewer and you can quickly redact your documents, annotate them and send them out as XPS or PDF - all from one and the same app.

XPS viewer plug-in allows FireFox and Safari users to easily view XPS content that exists on internal and external networks. Previously XPS content could only be displayed if using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer under Windows Vista.

XpsViewer is a XPS viewer with its small size, fast launch speed, high quality, and rich feature set. Pagemark XpsViewer supports Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux platforms. Fully compatible with the now standard OpenXPS specification.

SANAtech XPSViewer provides an end-user application for viewing and printing XPS files across a variety of operating systems and environments. SANAtech XPSViewer supports a continuous document view layout with thumbnail support, accurate vector as well as raster based printing as well as the ability to fetch XPS documents from web sites and web services using http and https. Platforms supported include Windows, OS/X, Linux, Open Solaris and Windows CE.

Adobe reader versions 8.1 and later can open XPS files directly.

Enolsoft XPS Viewer for Mac is an XPS viewer for OS/X users that opens and reads XPS files on OS/X. It also converts XPS files to PDF or bitmap formats such as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF or BMP.

XPS Editing Software

Using this signing software you can sign XPS files using X.509 digital certificates. Moreover, you can quickly sign multiple files (bulk sign) by selecting input and output directory. This is ideal for batch signing of a large number of corporate documents rather than signing each one individually.

Unlike using a word processor or presentation program to merge documents, with gDoc Fusion you don’t have to worry about document formats, fonts, pagination, or file types. In minutes, you can create a single merged document that would have taken hours to assemble.

With its document merge and page extraction features, NiXPS Edit provide the basic features needed in any professional document environment. On top of its quick search and replace feature, NiXPS Edit’s new inspector also allows you to interactively change or correct text. When needed you can also export your document to PDF to facilitate document exchange with environments less familiar with XPS.

Split XPS Merge enables you to merge or split existing XPS documents to create a new XPS document very easily. User may combine entire XPS files or selected XPS page in any combination.

With XPS Annotator you can view, annotate, convert, save a copy, print and signing any XPS documents with ease. This powerful XPS tool is designed to manage your XPS documents easily.

XPS Converting Software

PDF Converter makes it easy to convert PDF and XPS files one at a time or batch convert multiple files all at once. The built-in preview window lets you view and select which pages you want to convert.

PDF2XPS is an easy-to-use, multi-platform software that provides users with a high-quality and efficient way to convert PDF to XPS or OpenXPS documents.

XpsConvert is a powerful stand-alone command-line utility for converting XPS documents into various file types. XpsConvert can be used as a batch conversion tool, or configured within a server environment. XpsConvert will convert XPS documents into PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, CCITT Fax, and RAW file formats, while providing a wide range of options for: controlling the output resolution, color via ICC profiles, page selection, user supplied content added to the converted page such as stamps and watermarks.

XPSConvert is an easy-to-use, multi-platform command-line program that provides users with an efficient way to convert XPS or OpenXPS documents into PDF as well as image formats (such as PNG, TIFF, BMP, and JPEG). XPSConvert enables high-quality conversion from XPS to PDF that maintains alphatronics the original document quality and preserves hyperlinks, colors and fonts.

Understandable on a hunch, reaConverter makes batch conversion and oft-recurring image editing simple.

XPS Developer Tools

Java-AXP is a 100% java XPS file reader. The project currently consists of two core OSGi bundles, xps-core and xps-swingviewer. The xps-core bundle provides a document model and a file input layer. The xps-swingviewer bundle provides several Swing components to render XPS documents.

The NiXPS SDK offers compelling api's that give you a lot of rich functionality that is not available in the default. The low-level api gives you read and write access to the various parts and XML files that make up an XPS file. Next to that there is a high-level object-based api that allows you to create or modify XPS documents programatically. On top of that there are extra tools allowing specific actions on XPS files (f.i. page manipulations), and thanks to our embedded rendering engine, it is also possible to generate a high-resolution preview of XPS documents.

SANAtech offer a number of developer tools for rendering, viewing and manipulating XPS files from your own application. The support multiple platforms including Windows COM/ActiveX, OS/X and a number of Unices.

XPS Printing Software

Print XPS is a command line tool for printing XPS files. Print any XPS file without user intervention making it ideal to call from your application or batch files. Call from a Windows service. Print XPS is open source under the GPL-2 licence.

XPS Printer Drivers

The Passthrough XPS printer driver is a generic XPS driver for printing without any user intervention or popup dialog boxes. This is useful if you are printing from a Windows service or from an application running on a server.